Portable Electric Pressure Washer

by Wilson

With the 10AMP/1400W electrical pressure washer, you’ll clean any surface at any time. Different pressure washers that are not normally mounted or will solely be utilized in nominal places because of their weight are no longer a problem with this device. The transportable electrical washer operates on a 120V-60Hz power voltage provider and is obtainable in 2 colors: gray or black. It has a 9.5AMP motor that has 9.5AMP most pressure and 1.7GPM most flow. It options a 35-foot cord and weighs 17.1 pounds.

Design Aesthetics

The transportable electrical washer isn’t sort of a regular power washer therein the water pressure is incredibly lightweight and transportable. It additionally includes a distinctive resonating chamber style that may look nice in outside settings. The look is sensible and engaging, creating it ideal for people or agencies that are often on the road or within the outdoors.

Electric Motor of Superior Quality

The camelopard pressure washer outperforms different electrical washer trade products once it involves the motor economy. The electrical motor includes a heap of speed due to its powerful style and exactitude gear foreign from the Federal Republic of Germany.

Function of skillfulness

Other than automotive laundry, the electric pressure washer may be utilized in a very type of ways in which. It should be utilized in a spread of cleanup things, as well as trucks, gardens, farms, and building sites. It additionally offers a two-way auto-priming mechanism, which provides you with an extra choice for auto-priming water sources.

Safety Precautions

The total stop system on the electric pressure washer ensures that water isn’t expelled if the pump isn’t motivated, which at once stops the spraying gun. This is a security precaution for the user because it prevents water and cleanup detergents from being erroneously sprayed in the incorrect direction or on the incorrect surface. The total stop system additionally ensures the pump’s responsibility and energy potency, extending its life cycle.

System of Filtration

The electric pressure washer includes a skinny untainted filtering system associated with an industrial mesh that separates contaminants from water to confirm best machine performance by giving clean water to the system, also as an extended machine period. The filtration system and therefore the auto-priming device work along to produce automatic water filtration and purification for the complete system.

Spraying system with several modes

The 2150 electrical pressure washer comes with a multi-mode spraying nozzle that may handle a spread of things. 3 differing kinds of nozzles may be controlled and mixed haphazardly. Varied nozzles manufacture various flow patterns with varied pressures that may be altered or combined to satisfy the requirements of removing stains or dirt from automotive or car surfaces. Due to the high water pressure, it’s a robust, quick, and effective technique to scrub surfaces.


The transportable electrical pressure washer prices $85.99 and comes with free shipping in three to seven days. The merchandise comes with a biennial guarantee.


The transportable electrical pressure washer includes a 20-foot hose and a 35-foot cord.

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